Agrify Insights™ Cultivation Software

Vertical Farming Cultivation Software

Cloud-based software that lets facility owners, managers, and growers effortlessly plan, monitor, and optimize results from their grow for high-quality and harvests.

Agrify Insights At A Glance

Agrify Insights helps growers succeed by applying data science and a continuous improvement process to every aspect of Cannabis production. Our turnkey integrated control systems and quantitative approach to indoor agriculture result in higher consistency and forecasting of yields, cannabinoids, and terpene production.

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data points annually


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“[The reason we chose Agrify instead of another system] It was mostly the integration of the software and data that we were able to get out of the grow plan, so we can tweak it and constantly make it better.”

Nick Lynch

WhiteCloud Botanicals

Cannabis Cultivation Software at Any Scale

Start by checking your crop status at a glance, then drill down to review current and historical irrigation times, temperature, humidity, CO2, vapor-pressure deficits (VPD), and more.

Course-correct your grow with proven remediation plans to recover from pests, pooling water, excessive plant height, and other potential dangers.

Develop new strains by defining experimental grow phases and quickly review millions of data points.

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Custom Grow Plans

Pre-programmed and Custom Grow Plans

Pre-loaded and pre-tested strain-specific grow plans help ensure initial success, while automated data collection and analysis tools drive informed decisions about customizing "recipes" to fully align with cultivation goals.

Actionable Insights
Transparency from Seed-to-Sale
Control Your Integrated Grow Systems
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“Our COO, Luke, was pretty excited about Agrify when he first stumbled upon it, because it really just- it takes everything that you need, all the moving parts, and consolidates it into one box.”

Ben Virga

Bud & Marys

Key Features

Create optimized and unique timeline "recipes" for each strain that automatically adjust photoperiod, light intensity, irrigation, microclimate, and manage plant-touching tasks.

Assess present and historical temperature, humidity, CO2, VPD, irrigation times and more for each vertical farming unit. Calculate overall facility health and run a dynamic presentation on monitors throughout your facility, displaying room scorecards, equipment status, and hardware and infrastructure warnings or failures.

Define custom notification escalation policies that includes SMS text messages,emails, and phone calls for every type of exceptional event that can occur during your grow.

View historical and future-projected consumables usage. Automatically generate purchase orders when you run low on supplies.

Correlate changes in the growing environment to differences in harvest weights, cannabinoid, and terpene profiles from each batch, easily and effectively. Then adjust grow plans for optimal and repeatable future outcomes.

Track the location of plants with barcode scanning and custom barcode printing. Automatically synchronize data between Agrify Insights and Metrc. Quickly access and review standard operating procedures, product manuals and safety datasheets, or upload your own via our integrated content management system.


Guaranteed Availability: 99.95% Voice Control: Yes Supports Traditional Grows: Yes
Average Data Request Response Time: 3 seconds Supports Dark Mode: Yes Supported Label Printer: Zebra ZD-420T
Supported Browsers: Chrome, Safari Mertic/Imperial Toggle: Yes Barcode Scanner: Netum Bluetooth Barcode Scanner (or equivalent)
Hosted by: AWS Roles Based Security: Yes Recommended Hardware: Refurb iPhone 7+, iPad Mini 5th Generation or Newer, Lenovo Chromebook Duet 10, Windows 10 laptop, 32 GB Wifi iPad with Keyboard, Apple Macbook (any edition), Amazon TV Fire Stick 4K (for "presentation mode" only)
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