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Our scalable, integrated grow solutions are empowering the next generation of cannabis growers with innovative hardware, software & indoor grow equipment.

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Grow Faster. Grow Better.

Delivering compliant and high-quality cannabis and hemp products has never been easier. Our patented turn-key solutions enable you to scale quickly, minimize risk, and produce superior crops. 


Superior Yields

Optimize your cannabis grow environment for the highest possible yields in the shortest possible grow cycles.


Predictable Harvests

Grow reliably and consistently with proprietary production scheduling algorithms.


Premium Quality

Pesticide-free and optimally nourished crops are healthy crops, for both the environment and the consumer.


Automated Control

Automate the control of more than 9 different grow variables allowing for precise control of your cannabis growing environment.


Real-time Analytics

Receive real-time performance data on every aspect of your grow facilities' resources and results, from seed to harvest.


Scalable Solution

Grow your cannabis production with modular solutions that scale alongside your farm.


The software that brings everything together!

Cloning, growing, and harvesting cannabis crops in an efficient and profitable manner can be a challenge. Automate your cannabis grow environment, streamline your production schedule, and monitor your facility 24/7 through our Command & Control Software.


Indoor Grow Solutions


Containerized Solutions

  • Hemp seed cultivation
  • Mother/Clone
  • Veg/Flower
  • Dry and store

TriGrow Unit

  • 3x Stackable Units
  • 6 Levels of Canopy
  • Manageable Micro-Climate Environment
  • Automated Irrigation and CO² Delivery

Component Solutions

  • LED Horticultural Lighting
  • Custom Grow Racks
  • Environmental Management
  • Pest Control and remediation

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We live in a bold new era. A momentous cultural shift has opened up endless opportunities for the use of cannabis and hemp in a continuously expanding number of applications. At the same time, a troubling decrease in the supply of clean air, uncontaminated water, and farmable land has made it difficult to produce high-quality crops with consistent yields. Agrify is dedicated to overcoming these challenges through the development and implementation of end-to-end agricultural solutions. Our mission is to support the production of an ever-increasing supply of the highest quality crops at the lowest possible cost.

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