AACE INTERIVEW: Raymond Chang. Faith, Family and Fortitude.

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June 11, 2022


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Our faith and beliefs are the sails to our ships, our moral codes the anchor, and as in life we navigate through choppy and calm waters, however, we do this not as solo mariners but as a community that comes together to bring stability and generational wealth back to those diverse communities.

Raymond Chang is the CEO of Agrify, whose mission is to transform cannabis through innovation and by offering vertically integrated solutions in the hemp and cannabis industries. Raymond is an outlier in the cannabis industry, by the fact he is guided by his faith and by his moral code and speaks publicly about it, normally we do not delve into our beliefs in the cannabis industry other than call for “lower taxes” and “legalization” as our mantras. As a community and now industry, our beliefs carry us through, they are our foundations and pillars, whatever those beliefs are, we respect all because the fabric of the cannabis community is built on faith, faith to have support, to be able to trade legally, faith in having an even playing ground for all, faith in social equity, whatever faith we hold, we all believe in plant medicine and the benefits of what nature offers us over chemicals and pharmaceuticals…


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