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Agrify™ specializes in creating sustainable, complete solutions and products for plant factories.

Grow For The Greater Good

It's time we produce clean and healthy agricultural products without pesticides and heavy metal residuals.
Having technology as our backbone and grow science in our DNA, we aspire to support agro-technicians around the world with our revolutionary indoor agriculture solutions.
-CEO, Raymond Nobu Chang


Grow Science




In-house Grow Specialist
Tailored Nutrient Solutions
Mass Grow Variety
Intensive Cultivation Experiments
Self-owned Research Data



Our Revolutionary Products



Plant Factory

Through high-precision calculation and sensor monitoring capabilities, Agrify's plant factory realizes automatic environment control of the whole plant growing process.


LED Grow Lights

Our lights were designed with versatility in mind, fitting a variety of commercial needs within the industry. We are dedicated to producing high quality LED lighting with less consumption and higher return.

Environmental Threat Mitigation

Protect your crops from devastation due to pests and disease by implementing our innovative biosecurity solutions.

Partners & Customers

We work hand-in-hand with those at the forefront of agriculture working together to reimagine and build a more sustainable tomorrow.



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