Lower Costs.
Improved Yields.
Greater Consistency.

Agrify VFUs allow you to maximize the quality and consistency of your grow for the lowest possible cost.

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Quality and Consistency Across an Entire Crop

Agrify VFUs are more than the sum of their parts. Each component is designed by Agrify to create the most advanced vertical grow unit on the market. The end result is a consistent cannabis crop with ~29% more cannabinoid potency when compared to ordinary crops and methods.


Scale Your Grow Vertically

Improve the ratio of your canopy space to your growing space by a factor of six and improve your overall yield by ~6x with Agrify VFUs. Our stackable grow units allow you to scale your grow vertically, completely removing the need for racks, grow rooms, and rolling benches.

Built-in lighting, irrigation, and temperature controls, combined with modular catwalks allow you to grow vertically without extensively reworking your facility design.


Optimized Facility Design

Scale your production into a fully-realized plant factory. Implementing Agrify VFUs delivers efficiency in space utilization, energy consumption, and resource management that is unmatched in the industry. It's the perfect solution for cultivators that need high quality volume production at the lowest possible cost.


Agrify Insights
Revolutionary Product Planning

Built specifically with our VFUs in mind, Agrify Insights is the only automation and optimization software that offers product production planning for commercial grows.

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