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Food Grade Nylon Mesh Rosin Filter Bags

  • PurePressure

From: $9.70


Any material, any plate size, and guaranteed to reduce blowouts! PurePressure by Agrify’s new and improved rosin filter bags are stronger than ever, food grade, and are made right here in Denver, Colorado.

These premium rosin filter bags are manufactured from ultra-durable nylon monofilament mesh and hand stitched with premium polyester thread.

All raw materials are FDA approved for food contact and have undergone thorough testing; see our declaration of compliance below for more information.

These bags are made to the highest quality control standards and come with a peace of mind replacement warranty.

Available in every micron type, bag size, and pack quantity that you could need, the hunt for the ultimate rosin filter bag has finally come to an end.

Did we mention they ship free to United States as well? We’re confident you will not find a higher quality bag at a lower price.