Lab consumables are an integral part of keeping your laboratory up and running. In the course of day-to-day laboratory operation, some items were only meant to be used once.

Other items are small, fragile, or easily broken through routine use.

With a short product lifespan by design, laboratories expend or consume these items in direct proportion to the amount of volume they produce and their scale of operations.

Many of these items were made to be used once and then thrown away. Other consumables may not necessarily be “single use”, but they are quickly damaged, lost, broken, etc., and as such require routine replacement.

Items such as parafilm, solvents, grease, pipettes, packing materials for distillation heads, weighing boats, various powders, and more all fall under the category of lab consumables.

If you happen to run out of these crucial items and don’t have backups, you may not be able to complete your work as intended.

Small and insignificant though they may seem, running out at the wrong time could easily cost you both time and money.

When operating your lab, we advise that you always keep extras of your most critical consumables in stock. Otherwise, you might find your lab at an unexpected stand-still.

When in doubt, order more than you think you’ll need, and keep plenty of backups of essential items handy in case of emergencies. 

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