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Vertical farming units
The End-to-End Grow Solution

Agrify VFUs generate ~6x the yield per square foot and a ~29% increase in cannabinoid potency over traditional cultivation. Automate and optimize your growing conditions with built-in lighting, environmental management, and irrigation controls.

If you are serious about scaling your grow and generating consistent, high-quality crops at the lowest possible cost, Agrify VFUs are the solution for you.

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Container Farms
Fast-Track Your Grow Operation

Container Farms are designed for rapid deployment. Skip the growing pains and get into the business of actually selling your crops in the shortest time possible.

Get the speed, without compromising on quality. Our container farms have built-in racks, irrigation, lighting, climate control, plant defense, and more. Their controlled environment provides a significant yield increase over traditional growing methods, and they’re designed to be easy to scale.

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Agrify Insights
Revolutionary Production Planning

Each one of our Integrated Grow Systems comes with our Agricultural Optimization Software Agrify Insights. Apply automation and advanced analytics to your facility for a simple and consistent growing experience at every skill level.

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