Agrify Insights

Cultivation software designed to optimize your facility and its workforce.

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Revolutionary Production Planning

Get growing with pre-programmed GrowPlans or customize a plan for your specific goals.

Optimum Planting Schedules

Agrify Insights calculates the optimum planting schedule and plant movements based on the number of days and environmental conditions that you specified for each grow phase.


98%+ Continuous Utilization

Our production planning calculator typically generates a plan for 98%+ continuous utilization of your infrastructure.


Manage Everything From an Individual Container to a Massive Canopy

Start by checking your crop status at a glance, then drill down to review current and historical irrigation times, temperature, humidity, CO2, vapor-pressure deficits (VPD), and more. Plan ahead by auto-assign plant-touching tasks to your workforce based on their availability, role, and abilities.

Need to course-correct your grow? Apply proven remediation plans to recover from pests, pooling water, excessive plant height, and more.  Want to develop new cannabis strains? Define experimental grow phases and quickly parse through millions of data points.


Custom Dashboard for Every Role

Get access to the information specifically suited to your workforce's various needs. Facility owners have access to high-level information about crop yields and equipment usage in an easy to understand scorecard. Farm managers receive a worksheet and calendar that lets them manage their workforce and automatically assign plant-touching tasks.

Give your facility manager an ongoing window into consumables and let them set inventory levels. Every worker gets a natural-language, speech-enabled query interface and a list of assigned tasks so they always know what to do and when to do it. And if the system detects any issues arise, you'll receive automated calls right to your phone.

Key Features

Optimize Your Output and Workforce

GrowPlans calculate the “best fit” scenario to maximize yield and get the fastest ROI on your CAPEX and OPEX.

Monitor and Control Your Equipment

Inspect the operational status of your grow units including your plant’s current growing environment and schedule preventative maintenance tasks.

Customized Mobile Notifications

Defining a customizable notification including calls, emails, SMS, and iOS/Android Push Notifications for each type of exceptional event that can occur during your grow.

Manage and Automatically Reorder Your Consumables

Automatically reorder consumables from our Agrify Supply e-commerce platform.

Capture and Compare Your Test Results

Define your lab tests and quickly enter and validate the results from each batch.

Comprehensive SOPs and Safety Datasheets

Access Standard Operating Procedures and datasheets, or upload your own via our content management system.

Control Your Integrated Grow Systems

Agrify Insights works seamlessly with Agrify VFUs and Container Farms, allowing you the ability to automate and optimize grows of all sizes.


Agrify VFUs

Generate ~6x the yield per square foot and a ~29% increase in cannabinoid potency over traditional cultivation.

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Container Farms

Skip the growing pains and get into the business of actually selling your crops in the shortest time possible.

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