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Lower costs, maximize yields, and generate the highest quality crops.

Upgrade Your Lights

LED Grow Lights

Agrify Models G, R, O, & W grow lights provide value and high-performance options that keep you and your plants in mind.

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Model G

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Model R

Suggested Coverage Area: 4' x 4'

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Model O

Sizes Available: 4' and 8'

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Model W

Suggested Coverage Area: 2' x 4'

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Cost-Performance Ratio

Don't waste electrons. The innovative design of Agrify horticulture grow lights results in a PPF of 1700 and 2.7 µmol/J, generating more useful light for your plants with less radiant heat. 

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Outperform the Sun

Looking for hassle free growing, with optimized spectrum distribution for your plants? Our fixed spectrum grow lights are the perfect "plug and plant" technology.

Need more control? Our adjustable spectrums will allow for advanced growers to dial in and experiment with different spectrum ratios to customize plant profiles during development.

Advanced Lighting Systems

Enhance your operation with purpose-built grow light systems featuring an innovative driver design that boosts driver efficiency.


LED Grow Lights

Illuminate your entire grow with our industry-leading Downlights and Interlights.


Power Supplies

Experience unmatched efficiency with our innovative driver design.


Controls & Dimmers

Maintain complete control of your Integrated Lighting System.

Are these factors disrupting your grow operation?

  • Annual maintenance downtime
  • High costs for replacement bulbs
  • Inefficient lighting from HPS bulbs
For Qualified Growers
Upgrade your existing grow lights to Agrify’s Model R LED Horticultural Lights.
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Purchase & Maintenance-Free  
Purchase Payment  Plan*:  
Initial Acquisition: $420/light
Month 6: $420/light
Year 1: $420/light
At Year 1, own your lights! 

*Agrify Hassle Free Maintenance Program will cover all LED Lighting Fixture (LED diodes, mounting bars, DC cables)
**Qualified buyers can upgrade to Agrify’s newest LED Grow Light Technology upon successful completion of Subscription Plan

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