Integrated Grow Racks

Built-in LED Grow Lights, Hydroponics, and Basins

Integrated Grow Racks are designed for serious growers in mind. LED Grow Lights, hydroponic plumbing and drain ports, and basins are all intelligently designed and engineered to maximize your grow area.


LED Grow Lights

Our LED grow lights are smartly installed and nestled neatly under each shelf rack to provide maximum grow height for your plants. Wire management is accomplished by neatly tucking all your control and power cables behind the rack supports to eliminate any safety concerns.



Whether your preference of hydroponic irrigation and fertigation is flood & drain or drip emitters, our intelligent racks have you covered. Our piping installation systems are easily adaptable to almost all industry standard irrigation and fertigation equipment. All piping, valves and connectors are smartly designed to be hidden and not interfere with plant touching activities.



Large drain ports to reduce clogs and blockage, an innovative design to strengthen the structural integrity with no deflection or ‘twisting’ even under load, and carefully calculated slopes ensures that flooded basins evacuate completely with no residual pooling.

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