Bluezone® | Model 420

Capture and Kill Contaminants to Protect Your Crop

Agrify has partnered with Bluezone®, an award-winning U.S. military-developed air purification technology. In grow facilities, Bluezone® destroys airborne pathogens with ultraviolet-enhanced oxidation, resulting in a 99%+ kill rate.

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Cannabis Grows Are Vulnerable to Pathogens

The need to maximize every inch of space and the hot and humid climate necessary to grow high-quality cannabis combine to provide the perfect environment for pathogens to thrive. Without the use of traditional pesticides, air purification systems aren't just useful - they are necessary for growing quality cannabis.


More Than An Air Filter

Filtering the air is just not enough - you need to ensure that you eliminate any risk that airborne pathogens pose to your grow.

Bluezone works by circulating air through a reaction chamber designed to destroy pathogens. Chemical compounds that create odors are oxidized, while mildew spores and botrytis are drawn through a self-contained ultraviolet light which kills them instantly.


Part of Every Optimized Facility

Powdery mildew and botrytis can damage your crops or wipe out entire grows. Cannabis, with its sticky resin, is especially vulnerable to these ailments. These contaminants are subtle enough that infections are likely to be spread throughout your facility by the time you notice their physical effects.

Our facility design experts can implement Bluezone® units with overlapping zones of protection and other Environmental Threat Mitigation techniques to solve your unique challenges.

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Nothing Performs Like Bluezone®

When compared to traditional purification methods for Growhouses, Bluezone® outperforms every solution on the market.

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