Integrated Pest Management in Today’s Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Space Agrify with Rob McEvoy


Integrated pest management (IPM) is an environmentally sensitive approach that relies on commonsense principles to monitor, prevent, and control pests and pathogens. In the cannabis cultivation space, it’s an established and effective means for eliminating or reducing reliance on pesticides and fungicides.

Rob McEvoy, Vice President of Customer Success at Agrify, shares his thoughts on the most significant challenges cultivators face for pest and pathogen management today, as well as the role IPM plays for prevention and control.


How does Integrated Pest Management apply to cannabis cultivation?

Integrated pest management is a critical aspect of commercial cannabis cultivation. It helps safeguard our crops, which safeguards our investments, as well as provides clean, safe, efficacious cannabis products for our customers and consumers.


What are the biggest pest challenges indoor cultivators face in today’s industry?

The biggest pest challenge cultivators face in today’s cannabis cultivation is stopping pests from entering their garden. Those pests are going to be in the form of pests like thrips and aphids, or in the form of pathogens like mold and mildew. From there, cultivators’ next biggest challenge is stopping that localized infestation from spreading throughout the entire crop.


How is the industry evolving to better manage pests in the grow room?

The industry is evolving to better manage pests in the grow room through agricultural advancements in air purification and environmental control, as well as operators are beginning to embrace and value employee standard operating procedures. 

We also see better products available to cultivators in today’s contemporary cultivation spaces than before. 


What are 3 points to a successful IPM program?

Three points to a successful IPM program involve product, process, and people.


  1. The products in terms of which products are chosen and when during the plant life cycle, they are applied
  2. Processes in terms of standard operating procedures and scouting and observing for pests and pathogens
  3. People for their hygiene and their order of operations throughout their workday


Agrify: Streamlining Cannabis IMP to Safeguard Crops, Investments, and Customers

Agrify’s turn-key vertical farming solution revolutionizes cannabis IPM. Agrify’s Vertical Farming Units (VFUs) make routine crop monitoring much more efficient and effective, as all plants are within arm’s reach, with the canopy at eye level. Additionally, Agrify has partnered with Bluezone, an award-winning U.S. air purification system that destroys airborne pathogens with ultraviolet-enhanced oxidation.


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