Optimizing The Life Cycle of Commercial Cannabis with Rob McEvoy


As the cannabis industry matures, there is an increasing demand for cultivators to produce a more consistent, predictable, and optimized final product. Harnessing the traits of each cultivar to optimize the morphological, aromatic, and efficacious characteristics are driving innovations in the cultivation space, including environmental inputs, fertigates, lighting, and more.

Agrify’s fully integrated, data-driven, and evidence-based cultivation solutions have pioneering methods to optimize crop and cultivar outcomes, suitable for any highly regulated application. 

Watch our latest video to hear Rob McEvoy, Agrify’s Vice President of Customer Success, Corporate Development, and Government Affairs, break down current and forward-looking cannabis life cycle optimizations and the necessity of data in the grow room.


What Does it Mean to Optimize the Cannabis Life Cycle?

I think when we talk about optimizing the cannabis life cycle, we’re really addressing three core categories:

  1. We’re addressing the biology of the plant in optimizing its chemo typical expressions. 
  2. We are talking about optimizing the environment in which the plant is growing.
  3. We’re also then addressing the product that the plants will be producing. 

As we begin to harness the true nature of the plant, to express itself for maximum and optimal cannabinoid and terpene expression, among other morphological, aromatic, and efficacious outcomes, we are then looking at the environment and controlling all of the different levers that plants require to grow. 


What Are Current Approaches to Optimizing Cannabis Growth?

We are tailor-fitting our environmentals, from our temperature, humidity, and CO2 — otherwise known as “T.H.C.” – throughout the varying life cycles of the plant’s growth phases: our clonal phase, our vegetative phase, as well as the flower and bloom phase. 

And with crops steering practices and changing the amount of feed — by adjusting the temperature and humidity to achieve a target VPD that may be more genetic specific; to look at the dry back periods; to understand the feed inputs by way of pH and EC throughout the life cycle — we are now achieving a level of response from that plant to ensure our outcomes. And not only ensure them, but reproduce them at a commercial scale at less cost.



Is it Possible to Optimize Cannabis Production Without Grow Room Data?

Attempts can be made to optimize customary, usual large-scale growth without grow room data. But, ultimately, I feel that that exercise falls short. 

When we are growing and producing cannabis in large-scale rooms or greenhouse bays, we need to integrate disparate systems, hardware and software, in order to achieve a total landscape of business intelligence in analytics, mining, and reporting.

With a VFU (Vertical Farming Unit), we achieve over one and a half million data points per year per unit.

What we are able to do now, is take and eliminate the disparate systems and consolidate them into one intelligent platform that will collate and coordinate thousands, hundreds of thousands, and millions of data points to present to owners and operators, to present to cultivation leadership, to present to our cultivation technicians in order to make real-time adjustments and evaluations of their crop–of their plant performance. And acutely, we predict their product outcomes.


With Optimization in Mind, What Does the Future of Cannabis Cultivation Look Like?

What we will see is a strain being paired with a symptom, and a condition being correlated to a compound, in order to achieve the best efficacious outcomes for the customer and the consumer at large. 

With that, we will stop growing multiple genetics under the same environmental conditions, under the same fertigate inputs, and under the same overall general operational schedule. And what we will do is start to have more tailored and customized growing that is individually directed to a plant, that is then compounded individually into a unique crop. 

From there, we will now create supply chains that have products that speak to a large customer base for their reasons, needs, and beliefs to consume cannabis. We will also then be able to have that outcome targeted for our truly medical applications, as well as newer applications we are seeing in cannabis.


Agrify: a Powerful Solution for Crop and Cultivar Optimization

Grow smarter and more profitability with Agriy’s integrated cultivation solution: microclimate-controlled Vertical Farming Units and Agrify Insights, an integrated software platform that monitors controls, and plans all aspects of the crop cycle. 



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