Automation For Quality Crops

The future of agriculture is grounded in automation, but using cannabis grow software is about empowering growers, not replacing them. Software is used to record data points every cultivation cycle and reproduce environmental conditions specific to different strains so that growers can consistently produce high-quality products.

Lack of consistency is a common issue in the cultivation market; a test of cannabis products found that the THC levels were different from what was advertised. This is a problem because no one likes buying something that’s different from what they expected. This lack of consistency will become a bigger issue if left unresolved—according to Morgan Paxhia, co-founder of cannabis investment group Poseidon Asset Management, “Cultivation is going to face commodity pressures as production scales to meet legal demand, as we are already seeing in certain markets. As a result, operators will need to be extremely focused on consistent production at low cost.”

In order to fix the consistency issue, growers must embrace precision agriculture; they must switch to using repeatable cultivation procedures combined with precisely controlled environments to minimize variability in the product’s phenotypic expression. Precision in growing is about leveraging data to empower growers, equipping them with the tools to maximize quality cost-effectively. Software like Agrify Insights collect a vast number of data points and allow growers to reproduce favorable environmental conditions in each grow chamber. Aggregating and analyzing data helps growers create “reproducible environments and strain-specific cultivation recipes,” which in turn yields high-quality and consistent products. The artificial intelligence in these software helps the system get smarter over time, allowing continued optimization with every crop cycle.

By automating their grow, growers can maximize overall quality and yield with fewer touch points, which can also reduce labor costs and human errors. In cannabis and hemp growing, we are also seeing the incorporation of technology like the “software driven, systems engineered, vertical farming units,” which is an integrated cultivation approach to help growers efficiently use their real estate. Agrify Insights, used in conjunction with these VFUs, automates data collection, which optimizes the growing process and in turn increases the quality of the crops.

Ultimately, using software like Agrify Insights is beneficial, because it gives growers more precision in the cultivation process, which can yield more consistent and high-quality crops. In a market plagued with unreliable products, achieving precision and consistency is key, and automating the cultivation process is the future.

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